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What's in the Box?

So… What do you get when you buy the SmartWatch 2? Let’s find out!

In the Box:

  • SmartWatch 2

You’ll find it around a spongy material watches are usually put around for display purposes. The watch either has a metal or rubber wrist strap, depending on what you ordered.

  • Micro USB Charging Cable

A rather short cable in my opinion. I don’t use it for charging my watch. That’s my cellphone charger’s job. I found the cable to be very handy to carry around in my pocket and use it to charge my cellphone. If you use this cable with an USB OTG cable you can easily charge a friend’s cellphone from your cellphone or transfer files between phones.

Micro USB Cable

  • Startup Guide

This guide isn’t really needed as setup is very simple with the on-screen instructions. Basically you just hold the watch against the back of your phone if your phone has NFC or you pair manually via Bluetooth.

  • Important Information Booklet

That boring document on what you should and should not do.

  • Runtastic Pro Activation Code

Runtastic Pro

You’d be surprised to find out that you get a free Gold Membership to the great fitness app, Runtastic! Why? Runtastic has an app for the Sony SmartWatch 2, as well as for the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Pebble – more on this in the next part of my review.

The Container

Everything is located in a plastic container which can slide open. This container is quite durable and something you won’t throw away, but rather keep for storing your SmartWatch in.

Keep an eye on my blog for the third and final part of my review on the Sony SmartWatch 2 where I’ll take a closer look at the specifications of the watch!

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