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Here’s yet another success story from YouTube. Zach King is an American YouTube personality and Vine star. If you haven’t seen his magical videos yet, you’re really missing out! Here’s a compilation of his best videos of 2014. Watch it – you’ll be amazed!

Zach owes his YouTube career to – and no jokes – a cat video. The video Jedi Kittens, co-produced with a college friend, shows two cats fighting with lightsabers. In received a million views within three days. With the attraction of visitors to his channel he decided to make another video shortly after and that’s how he became a popular face on YouTube.

His first kitten video currently has over 10 million views. Here’s the video:

In 2013 he also joined Vine and started attracting attention over there. Since then he appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and got several awards.

I’m sure you just want to see more videos from him at the moment, so here’s some more.

If you ‘d like to see more videos from Zach, you should subscribe to his YouTube channel or like his Facebook page. You can also visit his website,

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