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Do you ever forget to silence your smartphone before a meeting? Before you go to sleep? Do you want to prevent your phone’s Bluetooth or WiFi from draining its battery when not in use? You can automate your life with Sony’s Smart Connect application for Android phones!

Smart Connect

With the Smart Connect app you can create events which will automatically do the tasks you specify at the start of the event and when the event ends.


Smart Connect Screenshot

There are 2 conditions to trigger an event:

  1. Device
  2. Time

This means that Smart Connect will perform the specified tasks when a certain device connects and/or disconnects AND/OR when a certain start time and/or end time is reached.

I’m going to explain this with an example. When I go to sleep I want my phone to be set to vibrate mode, but I don’t go to bed at a specific time each night… Therefore I set the event up like this:

  1. Device | Charging Dock
  2. Time | 21:00 – 06:00

This means my phone has to be charging in its dock and the time must be between 9pm and 6am. Now my phone will be set to vibrate mode. 😊

Smart Connect Screenshot

You can also specify the days on which an event should occur. My phone automatically switches to vibrate mode during school hours which is Monday to Friday between approximately 06:30 and 13:30 (I’ve added a safety margin just for incase).

Device Examples

Smart Connect Devices

Here’s a few examples of devices which can trigger an event:

  • Smartwatch
  • Charging dock
  • Headphones
  • Headset
  • Charger
  • USB storage device
  • USB keyboard
  • USB mouse
  • Smart tags
  • Bluetooth devices

Smart Connect ScreenshotSmart Connect Screenshot


Events differ from device to device, but here’s what I can do on my Xperia V:

  • Go to home screen
  • Open webpage
  • Start app
  • Start shortcut
  • Play music
  • Connect to Bluetooth audio device
  • Set sound mode
  • Set volume
  • Make a call
  • Post to Facebook
  • Send a text message
  • Turn Bluetooth on/off
  • Turn mobile data on/off
  • Turn WiFi on/off
  • Turn WiFi hotspot on/off
  • Set screen brightness
  • Mirror screen to another device
  • Read current time
  • Read text messages

Smart Connect Screenshot Smart Connect Screenshot

And that’s it! A smart, efficient way to automate your life. You can get the Smart Connect app on Google Play. Let me know if this app works for your needs!

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