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Did you ever wish music could just be cheaper? You’ll be glad to hear that there’s a music on demand service called Simfy to give you what you want!


I’ve started my free 14-day trial a while ago and will make use of the opportunity to share what I think about Simfy.

Simfy was founded in May 2010 and grew to become one of the leading music services operating within Germany, Austria, Switzerland and South Africa.

So what is Simfy? Is it comparable to iTunes or Google Play Music?

Simfy is a music streaming service and allows you to save tracks to listen offline if you’re subscribed to the All Access package. You can’t really compare Simfy to digital music stores like iTunes and Google Play Music, because it isn’t the same thing. With Simfy you have access to all 27 million songs they offer (at the moment), not just ones you buy as with other music providers.

So I can download 27 million MP3 tracks?

Unfortunately not. Simfy encrypts the tracks you download to your PC or mobile device. This means you won’t be able to open tracks in any other player than in the Simfy player.

How much moola?

  • R25 if you only want to listen online via the player for Windows or Mac, or from your web browser.
  • R60 if you would like to save tracks for offline listening. This package also includes Simfy on mobile devices.
  • *R49 if you are a MTN customer.
  • *R69 + 500MB free monthly data if you’re a MTN customer and if you subscribe before 15 April 2015.


I really love this service! You can listen to almost any track your heart desires and it even contains a lot of local music. I am definitely going to sign up for one of their packages and I’m sure you’ll do so too after you’ve completed the trial! Start your free trial here. MTN customers can sign up here for discount.

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